Confusing Geo-Engineering & Weather Modification

April 10, 2017

For the first time in history, the US Government is recommending a federal budget to pursue geoengineering. Weather modification is for local precipitation enhancement. There are exceptions (e.g., breaking up hailstorms to reduce property damage) but almost all weather modification programs are designed to induce more rain and snowfall from storms. Why? Because it’s the […]


Why We Have a “Chemtrail Season”

December 5, 2016

Ever think about how artificial clouds from aircraft affect the weather? Notice that there aren’t any natural clouds in these photos. Without aircraft, the sky would have been perfectly blue today.   This photo was 30 minutes later. Air traffic is heavy in the mornings. These are commercial aircraft manufacturing water in the sky by […]


Toxic levels of aluminum in bees, and cloud seeding

June 10, 2015

  An article was published by numerous news media this week about the connection between bees and aluminum levels. In humans, aluminum levels of 3PPM are harmful and damage brain tissue. In the bee pupae they studied, researchers found levels of up to 200PPM. “Aluminum is a known neurotoxin affecting behavior in animal models of […]


How much sky coverage is “significant?”

May 26, 2015

When I speak with scientists– especially climatologists, meteorologists and chemists– they believe that “aircraft clouds affect the weather” or NASA’s statement that “the abundance and location of clouds” would effect the climate more than CO2 or other green house gases, but many still think the impact of jet aircraft and artificial clouds on the climate […]


On a Given Day: Comparing Natural and Artificial Clouds

May 26, 2015

It’s Memorial Day– May 25, 2015– and as is common along the California Coast, we have low clouds from the Ocean. It’s normal. But even more common are the high clouds above…cirrus clouds spawned by jet aircraft. How can we be sure jets made these clouds? As any skywatcher knows… just watch. Over a period […]


Artificial Clouds and Sun Halos

May 1, 2015

It’s almost never mentioned– mostly because it’s almost never noticed– but sun halos are usually caused by artificial clouds. That is, contrails. Rainbows circling the sun like this one are caused by light reflecting through tiny ice crystals. (More on Wikipedia) Those who notice artificial clouds spawned by jet aircraft (less than 1% of people […]


How to make clouds

March 31, 2015

Since millions of people around the world have witnessed sunny days turned cloudy by aircraft, speculation has run amok. This is understandable; explanations of why this happens now, but didn’t used to happen when we were kids, are based on observation without context. The context comes from understanding the facts around the phenomenon of aircraft-spawned […]


What happened to the National Weather Modification Program?

March 25, 2015

In 1966, a report from NASA to the US “Interdepartmental Committee for Atmospheric Science” recommended that four agencies collaborate on a federal weather modification program: The Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Science Services Administration (now part of NOAA), the Interior Department’s Bureau of Reclamation, and the National Science Foundation. Each of these agencies was to […]


China creates 55 billion tons of artificial rain a year

March 19, 2015

China’s come a long way since 1958, when Russia brought cloud-seeding to the Middle Kingdom. It’s now the most trigger-happy cloud-seeder in the world. In 2011, China spent $150 million on a single regional artificial rain program; it’s unclear how much other local governments spend. The US, by comparison (according to this article), spends around […]


Dust in the clouds: Cirrus clouds form around mineral dust and metallic particles

March 3, 2015

Cirrus clouds influence global climate, cooling the planet by reflecting incoming solar radiation and warming it by trapping outgoing heat. Understanding the mechanisms by which these clouds form may help scientists better predict future climate patterns. Scientists have now identified the major seeds on which cirrus clouds form. Now an interdisciplinary team from MIT, the […]


Misunderstandings about Geoengineering

March 3, 2015

People often seem to confuse “geoengineering” (the theoretical deliberate modification of a planet or geographical environment to suit a purpose) with “climate engineering” and “weather modification.” Further confusing is the fact that “weather wars” are often included in the mix without distinction. Allow me to clarify the terms in quotes. Climate Engineering is our attempt […]


What’s in cloud seeding flares?

March 3, 2015

Cloud seeding flares commonly used around the world to increase precipitation are silver iodide-based chemicals comprised mostly of AgI (potassium iodide and silver nitrate) emitted from flares that burn on the wings of aircraft or are injected into clouds. The incendiary materials in the flares include strontium, aluminum and magnesium among other chemicals.     […]


States that employ weather modification programs

March 3, 2015

Most states in the Western US have weather modification programs for precipitation enhancement. It’s viewed by governments and water management groups as an economical way to increase water supplies. States that use cloud seeding to increase rain and snow include California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, llinois, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, […]


How weather modification can intensify storms

March 3, 2015

  When a moisture front presents itself, cloud seeding companies go into action, dispersing silver iodide in front of the incoming storm… specifically, over areas of land where precipitation is desired. These hygroscopic aerosols provide a field of CCNs for jet exhaust moisture to bond with and, combined with the higher ice crystal saturation that […]