Can we SEE climate change?

March 3, 2015

Aircraft produce about 10 trillion cubic feet of water vapor every year. Much of it manifests as visible clouds, which sometimes persist and can quickly cause massive cloud cover over millions of square miles. Haven’t noticed? You’re way behind. Millions of witnesses have been alarmed by the artificial clouds produced by aircraft, especially before incoming […]


How clouds affect the climate

March 3, 2015

“Even small changes in the abundance or location of clouds could change the climate more than the anticipated changes caused by greenhouse gases…” —NASA Like natural clouds, artificial clouds can drastically affect the weather: In the daytime they block the sun, creating shade and reflecting some solar radiation back into space. But at night, clouds […]


What’s in cloud seeding flares?

March 3, 2015

Cloud seeding flares commonly used around the world to increase precipitation are silver iodide-based chemicals comprised mostly of AgI (potassium iodide and silver nitrate) emitted from flares that burn on the wings of aircraft or are injected into clouds. The incendiary materials in the flares include strontium, aluminum and magnesium among other chemicals.     […]


States that employ weather modification programs

March 3, 2015

Most states in the Western US have weather modification programs for precipitation enhancement. It’s viewed by governments and water management groups as an economical way to increase water supplies. States that use cloud seeding to increase rain and snow include California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, llinois, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, […]


How weather modification can intensify storms

March 3, 2015

  When a moisture front presents itself, cloud seeding companies go into action, dispersing silver iodide in front of the incoming storm… specifically, over areas of land where precipitation is desired. These hygroscopic aerosols provide a field of CCNs for jet exhaust moisture to bond with and, combined with the higher ice crystal saturation that […]


The Vonnegut Theory

February 28, 2015

Named after Dr. Bernard Vonnegut, the Vonnegut Theory states that anthropogenic cloud production is the primary cause of climate change, through weather modification activity combined with water vapor from jet airplane traffic. According to this theory, changing the climate means changing the weather and vice-verse; the “climate” is the weather over time; and the abundance […]


About the Author : )

January 20, 2015

Above all, I’m a researcher. A professional Dot Connector, if you will.  I’ve researched a lot of things, usually related to science and technology but also marketing stuff. I’m also a designer and web developer focusing on content strategy and user experience.   My Background As a Navy swimmer and navigator, I stood watch as […]