Report: “29% of particulates in the San Francisco area came from coal power plants in China”

By davedahl, February 12, 2019

This Treehugger article is a creepy reminder that we are all in the same biosphere. We all breather the same air.

We also conduct weather modification activities (cloudseeding) in most countries, including most western US states. Over 2,000 counties in China use cloud seeding to increase precipitation. While we often hear about China clearing the weather for events, e.g., the Olympics, in fact it’s usually for precipitation enhancement.


While the US uses mostly silver iodide (AgI), most Chinese weather modification shoots frozen CO2 with cannons. That’s right: we’re injecting CO2 into the upper atmosphere on purpose. In fact, we’re adding condensation nuclei to the atmosphere like mad around the globe.


In case it’s not obvious, the point being reinforced here is that aerosols we put in the atmosphere don’t just “go away.” Like CO2, cloudseeding aerosols and aircraft-manufactured frozen water vapor are part of our atmosphere indefinitely … with the notable exception of the aerosols that end up in our soil and water.

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